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Te'sikiskik (Every Day)

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Giclée print (archival 100 years)
This print Te'sikiskik (Every Day) has a counterpart titled Te'sitpa'q (Every Night), both by artist Jordan Bennett and are based on an original commission by Nocturne Art at Night in 2019. The installation was titled Ne'ata'q (Sun is Coming Out) and installed on Barrington Street in Halifax, for DHBC's from Gritty to Pretty Program. These works are printed on William Turner rag paper. A giclée print is an archival-quality printed reproduction of an original artwork, made using a specialized ink spray process (giclée is French for "to spray") developed exclusively for fine art printing. Giclée prints are printed either on canvas or fine art paper using 100% archival inks and media. The giclée print is the closet possible reproduction of an original work of art afforded by technology and has become the new print standard for artists.
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