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Listening Though Rocks, Paddles, Baskets, Lids & Seats

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Silk Screen on Arches 88 
The work, “Listening through Rocks, Paddles, Baskets, Lids and Seats “is part of an edition of silkscreens on paper. The work, much like ongoing and previous works from my practice are derived from known patterns, symbols and colours from various Mi’kmaq and Beothuk sources of visual culture. The starting point for each of these artworks begins with revisiting patterns found in Mi’kmaq porcupine quillwork. Over the past decade I have observed various pieces of quillwork online, in historical texts and have had the honour of visiting them in museums nationally and Internationally. It’s through these visits and time spent with cultural objects of this territory that I’ve begun to further explore the design, symbolism and history of these intricate and beautiful art forms. Most of the porcupine quillwork that I have been researching exists in museum collections in the form of baskets, containers, chair seat covers and wall hangings. This series serves as a reflection and throwback to my original explorations of Mi’kmaq and Beothuk Visual culture when this series began to take full form in 2013-14. Each work in this ongoing series is focused on home, Ktaqamkuk. Its about connecting and visiting with this visual language, remembering and reimagining our relations to each other, to our histories and with the land. For me, no matter where I am in the world I always feel an unbroken connection with this place.
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