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I would have kicked you out

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Plotter print on 22lb bond paper, hand folded. Unfolds to a length of 160" 

A fictional series of utterances from a landlord directed to a tenant written as nested sentences. The format seeks to reflect in writing the tangential meanderings of vernacular speech to break down English syntax beyond coherence. The work is printed on a continuous length of paper from a roll and is hand-folded into a booklet format.

Full artwork title:
I would have (had no one been around and the neighbours [well your neighbours I guess, because I haven’t lived here in like 3 years {well, actually fuck that, I lived here before ((so they were my fucking neighbours [[though we never really ever said hi {{though they could have also tried saying hi once in a fucking while}} in like the 5 years I was here]] before they were your neighbours)) you ever did} and don’t even know who’s around anymore] had been inside their house instead of in their yard) kicked you out, then and there if I could have.

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