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Hive Activation Worker 2

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Printed on Fuji Pearl Metallic archival paper. Printed to bleed (to edge of paper). 

This is a limited series of prints which were carefully curated from amongst the many individual frames which comprise the stop-motion animated series of artworks, CYBERHIVE created by Ruth Marsh in 2018-2019. Each print depicts a different energetic aspect of the CYBERHIVE, a space wherein bionic future-bees maintain their existence within a cybernetic beehive. For several years, Ruth Marsh has been creating a series of artworks which focus specifically on bee disappearance and decrepitude. Solicited through an ongoing public call, hundreds of found, dead bees are sent through the mail to their Halifax studio from individuals across Canada. Once received, the bees are taxidermically preserved and meticulously repaired using discarded technology. The newly refurbished bees are then revived, frame-by-frame, through the process of stop motion animation. Approaching this work from a perspective which is part cyber-punk mad-scientist and part devoted, repair technician, their work mindfully employs techniques which mirror bee life itself. Through processes which are inherently labour intensive, repetitive and painstaking, and which exist at the cusp of DIY culture and science fiction, they are assembling artifacts and practices which build a wry vision of a future wherein the world's bees have perished due to human causes.

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