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Acrylic on cradled birch panel

18”H x 96”W x 3”D

Jordan Bennett’s new series marks an experimental departure, where he explores new painting techniques that expand beyond solid blocks of flat colour and sharp lines reminiscent of his ongoing body of work. He explores softer lines, stenciled forms, and new textures, and reflects the ways that ancestor artists have used vivid colours to express various states of time, place and season.

"For this series I found myself pulled towards new forms of inspiration extending past ancestral porcupine quillwork and the land. Some works in this series are more personal, I selected forms that my son gravitates towards intuitively--including toys, birds, dragonflies, rain, and butterflies--following ancestral forms that appear in everyday life with family. Other pieces in this series are inspired by other artists, mentors and friends, all aspects of these new works allowed me to soften the lines, build texture and fluidity into each of the new works."

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