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Dybbuk: Envelopment

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Ceramic, sandblasted glaze, acrylic ink, decal 
20 in x 14 in x 17 in / 50.8 cm x 35.56 cm x 43.18 cm 

** This artwork requires crating and shipping at the buyer's expense. Please inquire for further details. ** 

I study the foundation myth of Dybbuk spirits in Yiddish folklore and reinterpret these traditional stories through a female lens. I also investigate fallen economic and environmental climates in cities such as Detroit, where houses have become feral, disappearing behind ivy, trees and Kudzu vines planted generations ago. I see a direct parallel between my interest in insidious plant life and a malevolent Dybbuk spirit, which takes over the human body. In both situations, a loss of control is suffered as the parasitic entity subsumes the host.

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