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Lithography and screenprinting
These works utilize the visual language of lithographic propaganda posters to investigate problematic domestic legacies of colonialism, including the military musculature of national identity. They suspect the efficacy of insisting upon white male civility as an enduring national brand in North America, and call into question the Herculean efforts continually made on behalf of its promotion.Problematic concepts such as manifest destiny and The West are common themes, suggesting what has been - and continues to be - a rhetorical spearhead for imperialism. Individual works quote extensively from treaties between indigenous and settler populations, as well as language from prominent political speeches and state documents of both the distant and recent past. The pieces illustrate some of the most ingenious tools ever invented for the management and industrial consumption of natural resources, and draw on the tradition of caricature as both a form of entertainment and means of self-mythologization.
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